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Ethnic Universe

In each object that you will buy is hidden the voice of a craftsman, the hand of a creator, the living message of a continent that reveals to you a part of its cultural Identity which is above all a timeless wealth for the humanity of today and future …


New arrival

Always on the lookout for rare pieces, we have scoured the alleys of African capitals rich in artistic creations to offer you the best of Africa !

Heritage & Africa Linen

With a passion for all the TEXTILES OF AFRICA which are declined in Table Linen for convivial moments, Bed Linen for moments of escape, Bath Linen for a return to the essential and Home Linen to wrap your interiors with the voluptuousness of our collections of interior …

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Evocation & Africa Art 

An odyssey between ART & DECORATION which revisits the plural Arts of the table which invite themselves in your home for a moment of sharing and that of Interior Design with a journey that secretly embraces materials. Design mixed between bohemian chic style and new interior trends with resolutely afro-urban curves …

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Style & Africa Tradition

Travel in our FASHION & ACCESSORIES Universe with creations that marry our torsos, dress our busts and decorate our body sculptors, these everyday ornaments tell who we are, heirs of Africa who transmit their traditions to those who want to share them …

Richness & Africa Secrets

Discover our WELLNESS & HEALTH Universe with beauty secrets inspired by the ancestral traditions of the African pharmacopoeia based on multiple body and hair care, local drinks and sweets, scents and spices from home, a real invitation to the middle of 100% organic products to reconnect with our continent Africa …

Africa, my Africa

« Don’t close the window or the curtains because deep inside Africa words will be loudly heard. »

Chenjerai Hove

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the Authentic Africa !

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