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This perfectly shaped receptacle is known and respected on the African continent after being a utilitarian object in everyday life, it becomes an artisanal object with a strong cultural resonance whose matrix evokes the fabulous process of the CREATION that gives birth to a treasure when it has reached maturity …


In 2004, the ADVENTURE BEGINS for Calebasse Creation which throws its first seeds on the Terranga in Terroubi – Hôtel de Dakar


The FIRST SEED « Bird Collection » will offer a gift to a public of businessmen traveling by the African continent and eager to offer a piece of this reddish earth with a thousand and one stories to tell beyond the borders …


In 2006 the migratory birds carry out their transhumance and transport the seeds through traveling exhibitions in various galleries and ephemeral exhibitions according to the encounters that allow us to make artistic stops and trials in African capitals generous to offer a NEW STORY TO TELL, the concept was born …

Akwaba Abidjan

Calebasse Creation opened its FIRST DOORS in 2011 in the capital Abidjan. Soon, we imposed our new gaze and pan-African vision with our artistic proposals that we multiplied; the keystone of its itineraries will be the meeting of the most beautiful cultural and artistic mixes giving rise to an enchanting Universe where all the vibrations of the identity songs of North Africa, South, Central, East and West offer a new horizon to man open to the fantastic adventure of a new Horizon !


His YOUNG TALENT encounters with a multi-ethnic spirit will make Calebasse Création an atypical universe where the collections are graded over time, with new artistic encounters, devouring passions of woven materials or craft dyes, breathtaking sharing of rare objects found in forgotten granaries of the Dogon countries or ancestral stables of the Ashanti kingdoms that give Creation its primary sounding board and invite the windows of the world to open up to the diversity of African cultures in eternal gravitation ! The SIDIALAH brand with the meeting of Coumba Sissoko in 2017 will be a new combination of arts for Calebasse Creation which makes it an official partner .


Our VOYAGEUR audience who comes from everywhere is young and avant-garde in spirit, he loves above all Africa and has a great desire to go to each other to discover his culture and his history to enrich himself with this seed that is receptacle – gift that sows messages of universality since giving is already receiving tells us the Calebasse !


Our creations are unique SIGNATURES of artists, craftsmen, designers who offer this curious Traveler a proposal of new language or intangible intercultural dialect that has no borders and which instantly creates a link between an object of African art with the history of Africa that goes like a nomadic citizen of the world or griot of Africa to meet the other …

By Karine Pere

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